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Our Services

At Integrated Wealth Strategies, Inc., we offer a full suite of services for investors of all economic strata. From individuals and business owners, to retirees and more, we’ll help your plan work in unison so you can stay focused on what matters most.

Financial Planning

Effective financial planning creates stability in the face of life’s many uncertainties. While providing an overview of the big picture, our advisors develop comprehensive strategies for clients that allow them to make stronger financial decisions. Though one-size fits all solutions may be the common approach, we specialize in tailoring strategies to fit your current situation while providing a foundation for potential growth. Whether you’re a young family, a business owner, or an individual investor approaching retirement, our advisors can build customized plans that pursue growing, protecting, and preserving your assets. Through all states of life, we endeavor to help you pursue your goals and instill confidence in your financial future.

Investment Management

Our professionals are dedicated to constructing and managing investment portfolios designed to work towards your most valued objectives. From identifying short and long-term goals, to assessing resources and your level of risk tolerance, our advisors strive to gain a deep appreciation for every aspect of your situation before offering our recommendations. Only when we have gained an intimate understanding of your expectations do we begin to apply our analytical processes. As markets shift and your personal needs change, our customized strategies are built to evolve. That’s why we provide a consistent and objective perspective, to work towards a financial plan that is customized for today and optimized for tomorrow.

Risk Management

While risk implies the potential for great reward, our advisors value lasting strategies that protect our clients’ best interests. Before building custom plans, our insurance specialists diligently consider your unique tolerance for risk. From life and medical insurance to long-term care and disability income, we can provide a full suite of insurance policies to help you defend against the unexpected. Wherever you are in life’s journey, it’s crucial to understand the ramifications of sudden changes and ensure the continued protection of you and your loved ones. As a fully independent company, our professionals can access the best insurance providers to help build a plan tailored to your situation and needs.

Education Planning

Rising education costs require a forward-thinking plan. At Integrated Wealth Strategies, Inc., our approach to education planning goes beyond paying for college. While maximizing the value of your earnings, our advisors can help you prepare for one of life’s biggest investments. Wherever you are in life, we’ll help you strategize so you may give your loved ones the education they need. Through various cost-effective strategies, including tax-advantaged 529 college saving plans, we’ll help manage your children’s future.

Estate Planning

At its core, wealth transfer is about more than money. In addition to your assets, high net-worth individuals want to pass on their most essential and lasting values to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Our focused approach to private wealth management respects the importance of sustaining your legacy. It all starts with understanding your needs and values. Our advisors then build customized plans to help secure your short-term interests while protecting your long-term goals and ensuring the tax-efficient transferring of assets to heirs. We can also develop philanthropic strategies to maximize the longevity of charitable giving.